Four years after I started to do windsurfing, I decided to not just have it as my hobby but to make it as a living. What could be more fun than work with what I most like to do? At the beach where I was doing windsurfing, there was a building that had not been in use since the revolution and it was perfect for the windsurf club. Then, slowly but steady I got the equipment I needed for the club. As you might know here in Cuba there is no windsurf shop and it is hard to import equipment. But, if you really want, anything is possible. And that’s how I today work with what I most like.

I do windsurfing because it makes me feel free!


Luis Miguel Reyes Fajo

Founder and instructor of Havana Windsurf


The club is in Havana at the beach La Concha, one of the main beaches for windsurfing in Cuba. La Concha is in the 5th street and 120 in Playa, only a twenty minutes’ drive from the Old Havana. I love La Concha! It is charming and has a good atmosphere. Every weekend families and friends come here to enjoy and relax, and of course, there is always a nice group of people doing windsurf.


The beach has a bay on the left that is perfect for beginners and on the right, there is a break where we also do surfing. The crystal-clear water makes La Concha not just a nice place for windsurfing but also for scuba diving.

There is wind normally from around 10-11am and it lasts all day. You can also check the weather conditions at WINDGURU.

Do you have any question or want to windsurf with us?